About Us

Longtide Studio

Hello and welcome to Longtide Studio, we're very glad to meet you! I'm Vanessa I am the owner and creative soul of Longtide Studio. I live in Devon with my husband and my two youngest boys, my eldest boy has already flown the nest and lives with his partner. Together we have formed Longtide which is named after both our family surname, Longhurst, and our passion for the sea and the wild North Devon coast near our home. I absolutely love living in Devon we have the best of both worlds coast and countryside.

My passion is my family, I wish I could spend all my time making memories with them. They are growing up fast and soon it will just be me and my husband, which will also be an adventure as he is my best friend and soulmate.

I love to create all my products and I find it hard to focus on one thing sometimes as I want to make everything!

I hope that my boys follow their passions in life like I have had the opportunity to. Without the support of my awesome husband I would not have been able to give up working full time to follow my dream and open Longtide Studio.

We hope you love our products, every one of which is designed and handmade by us. We value every single order, big and small, as you are helping keep our dreams alive, so thank you.